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1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms & Comparing Both Pregnancies

With Sofia, I started feeling constantly nauseous (all day every day) at week 3 and it went away at week 9. It was bad. I also had strong food aversions, so eating my regular was rough. And was dizzy. But at week 9 ALL my symptoms went away, and I felt like new again!

This second time, it has been very different. I have had way more variety of symptoms. And they started to get worse much later on, and are lasting way longer too! But all for a healthy baby right?

INSOMNIA. Between week 4-9. It sucked because I was tired, but I couldn't fall asleep. And I woke up numerous times, and did not fall back asleep.

PREGNANCY BRAIN. It's true, I forgot everything! I didn’t have this with Sofia at all. It lasted my whole 1St T.

OUT OF BREATH. Since I got pregnant I run out of breath when I talk even! I still have this. It never happened with Sofia until the end!

FATIGUE/EXHAUSTION. Fatigue started at week 4/5, I simply was tired by ‪3pm‬, so I had to do all my workouts and activities before then, and I wanted to go to bed early (tho I couldn't with Sofia). But then around week 6 the fatigue turned into unbearable exhaustion. That exhaustion was another level. I woke up exhausted, I napped for 2h with Sofia and still woke up exhausted. I wanted to go to bed by ‪5pm‬, and I did not even have morning energy. I had to cancel so many meetings and being with Sofia was rough, the only reason why I kept going to the gym was because it was easier than being with Sofia so I had two hours toddler free lol. Luckily exhaustion lasted 2 weeks, and turned into on and off fatigue which I still have.

NAUSEA. Since it started at week 3 with Sofia, and this time around it started at week 6, I thought "this will be shorter and better". I was wrong. By week 8 it hit me hard: every day all day, and more intense even, it STILL has not left my side. So I hope it does soon!

FOOD AVERSIONS. I had this with Sofia too, it’s hard to think of something that sounds good to eat.

It's definitely not true that boys give you less nausea, or are easier pregnancies :) At least not for me. Sofia's was rough, but went away way sooner.


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