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2 Week Postpartum Journey

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Let me begin by saying this is MY postpartum journey, there is a LOT that comes to play on how each person recovers & experiences the postpartum period, so I would advise not to compare your journey with anyone else's, and not to expect anything a specific way but to prepare and be open to experiencing YOUR own journey instead.

But since I am always asked about my recovery, how it's been, what I have experienced... here's my 2 week PP update.

Both Sofia's & Beckham's postpartum period have been really similar. I had two natural births, with no epidural and no tearing, which has DEF helped me speed & ease the recovery process. Both times, I got home just 4h after delivering, and honestly, with no pains.

However, despite not having any pains or tearing, I have taken my PP period VERY seriously. I understand what my body has done, and I acknowledge that it has been through a lot to grow/birth and now recover, and it is not a day process, it takes time to internally heal and go back to not being pregnant: The uterus has to shrink, the organs have to go back to their original place, there's just a LOT going on despite not being in pain. So I have pretty much been resting & taking it easy. Why rush it? Laying low, tons of cuddles, and tons of self care.


Something that has surprised me this second time around are the postpartum contractions our body experiences to get the uterus back to it's original size: the first time, I def felt them, but they were mild contractions, not painful. This 2nd time, WOW, they felt like delivery contractions, whenever they happened: they HURT, they were so intense for the first three days, then they were pretty much gone, but damn. Apparently, the uterus is thicker the second pregnancy and they get more painful. My midwifes gave me ARNICA MONTANA, a homeopathic medicine that helps ease cramp pain. Ask your midwife or doctor about it!


It has been way easier this second time, although I am not going to lie, despite bf Sofia for two whole years, nursing B still hurt at the beginning, I would say, for the first week. But overall, it's been easier, he latched way quicker, and my milk supply came much faster too!


I feel great, I would describe it as high in love, happy, and grateful. I am in a great mood, and feel refreshed and positive. I've been very zen, and it's been a really good beginning to a family of four, it feels like we were all ready to welcome B, and even without family, nannies, maids... we've all been a team and it's been a great smooth transition. Prepping for postpartum really played a huge role here.


After not sleeping for two years, honestly, I can't complain. Sofia woke up 3-4 times per night, daily for TWO years, and during leaps and teething it was many more times... So waking up every 3h does not bother me. Plus, what I do now to make sure my postpartum recovery is done properly (sleep & rest is key now more than ever), is simply get in bed at 9pm (although I don't actually sleep until 11pm most times) and get out of bed at 8am, and daddy sleeps through, but gets up at 6am with Sofia. Team work! I've been feeling great through the day, and the first week I took daily naps, now I don't, but I will if I ever need to. I am not drinking coffee, and listen to my body if I need to rest instead of pushing it!


At the 2w PP appointment I was cleared to start doing my Core & Pelvic Floor postpartum workouts (specific for PP recovery, which I am adding to my PP highlight today), and they said at 3w PP I can start doing low intensity bike rides too, and by 4w I can start my workouts, slowly & smart, of course!


  • I have been taking my Red Raspberry Tea daily to help my uterus get back (shop)

  • I have been taking Magnesium to help with digestion and deep sleep (shop)

  • I did not eat my placenta either time

  • I am eating very nutritious meals very often

  • I have been having crazy night sweats daily, like I did with Sofia

  • I have been doing Bengkung belly binding to heal & honor my body after childbirth to help with diastasis recti, provide lower back support, aid in digestion, reduce bloating, help organs shift back to place, and feel supported not compressed. I do it with my virtual doula online, who also does self care practices with me such as mindful meditation, DR exercises, abdominal therapy rub, neck & shoulder therapy rub, pressure points, etc

For ALL the ways on how to recovery (physically and emotionally) through postpartum, take my Mom Care Course.

You can also enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!


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