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3 Crystals Every Mom Boss Should Have

Crystals are powerful fragments of nature that capture energy and are great tools to boost our intentions because their energy properties work within our own energy systems. Of course we still have to put in the hard work ourselves, but if anything can HELP us stay focused, aligned, peaceful, self nurtured, grounded and protected then, why not have them around?

Here are 3 crystals I have and that have the perfect energies for boss moms & boss babes!

1. Pyrite Crystal. Working with it aligns you with the energy of abundance. Due to its reflective nature, it also holds a strong protective energy that deflects unwanted energy. This crystal is the one you want for success.

How to use it: Place it in your office desk to invite in abundance and attract wealth.

2. Ocean Jasper. Detox from the stress of life and allow this stone to fill your mind with positivity. Embrace your journey. Nurture yourself. Let happiness be the current you flow to. When challenges arise, this stone will hep you peacefully navigate them. This crystal is for those seeking taking care of themselves.

How to use it: Close your eyes, hold it in your hands and nurture your spirit.

3. Botswana Agate. One of the oldest gemstones. The perfect stone to carry with you to bring healing, strengthening and protective energies. It helps you ground, heal and reconnect you with your breath, helping you to find your own personal, natural rhythm. This crystal is for those who need balance between time & energy (perfect for busy multitasking moms).

How to use it: Carry it with you.

If you want to purchase a crystal and learn more about them, I recommend you checking Energy Muse for more. You can shop by intention (balance, health, wealth, passion, success, new beginnings...). They even have a crystal test to find out which one you need. And they not only sell crystals (and crystal jewelry) but also a book that teaches you everything about everyday rituals to tune in to the real you.


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