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3 Themes I Want To Work On In 2022

✨ To include more time for myself. To meditate. To practice yoga. To get my fitness up to the next level. I have been pregnant or nursing for nearly FIVE years now. And every second of "down time"has been dedicated to work, which I loved to balance because I love what I do and it has helped me keep my mind fueled, sane, and grow my business through motherhood too. But I feel like there's always noise in my head. If that makes sense. I need some inspo, some quiet time. And now that B is growing and going to be not so dependent, my goal is to intentionally set more quiet time to be with myself, to focus more on what I am doing for ME. To grow. To be better for others. And extra inspired.

✨ I also want to hit many professional goals but these aren't just random, I am setting myself up for success in the long-run, they will help me reach the next level of lifestyle I want: Creating all my pregnancy & postpartum courses on-demand to help more mamas no matter their schedule and location, launching the toddler meal eBook, training my PR team to do more on their own so it’s even more automated. All to help me with passive income, so I can keep growing projects, keep making more while working less so I don't sacrifice time with my kids, so I can have more kids, and so I can keep traveling often. I also want to create more courses helping each stage of motherhood AND create courses to help mamas start businesses from home too, Because everyone told me I wouldn't and WATCH THIS. I am.

✨ A third big pillar is to shift & improve my relationships. After two back-to-back babies I now have two toddlers. And I want to focus on being a toddler mama: doing more activities with them, playing more mindfully (versus always taking care of a baby). And getting more alone time with daddy so we can accomplish our new home goals, more time with my valuable friends who inspire and help me grow (and viceversa) and, time with family in Spain, finally traveling to see them too.

What's one of your themes for 2022?

I definitely recommend you doing the manifesting kit. You will get clarity, and a strategy!

Ready for 2022 ✨

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