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9 Steps to Planning A Personal Event

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Planning a personal event can be as much work as a work event! So keeping organized and knowing the right steps to follow is a must!

I will run you through a list of things and a timeline calendar, to hopefully help you plan your next personal event!

1. Create a guest list and collect physical addresses and emails. Whether you are thinking on keeping it purely digital or are looking to send a physical invite, having both addresses will help!

2. Send a Save the Date. No further information needs to be provided, but a date and approximate time frame. It is important for your friends and family to save that upcoming day for you so you can make sure everyone will plan around it and attend. Remember: before this step, you already need to have your theme/color palette to be able to keep your event style consistent from the moment you send the first Save The Date. Keep in mind colors that go with your personality, and the event.

3. Scout a location. When searching, keep in mind the number of guests who are attending, where they will be mainly coming from, and of course, the day & time for availability. You should also think if you want it to be a sit-down meal or a cocktail-like party before searching for that perfect space. Restaurants, hotels and private residences are usually the top three locations to search for. Above all, know your overall event budget, you should not spend the majority of your budget on the venue should not be as you have many more expenses coming (see step 5).

4. Send the formal invite (online or physically) including the event address, exact time, registry (if included), contact, attire, parking logistics, etc. Match the Save The Date Invite style!

5. Start detail planning + booking: - Catering or menu (if at a restaurant) - Decor (balloons, candles, banners, etc: within your color palette) - Flower arrangements (within your color palette) - Personalized Photo booth with custom props (fun & a great memory)

- Custom drink

- Photographer

Make sure you book all vendors at least with 2 weeks in advanced and coordinate all drop-offs for 2-3h prior to the event.

6. Send an online Invite Reminder a week prior and update all your guests with any news. Provide a phone number where they can call or text for last minute changes (plus ones, cancellations, etc).

7. Have someone (if it cant be you) on-site 2-3h prior to the event to coordinate vendor drop-offs and start decorating!

8. If you are the host, get pretty, and arrive an hour prior to make sure all is set up to your liking and don't stress.

9. Send personalized THANK YOU cards a week after the event. If you have created a FB group/event page, you can upload your event photos there for everyone to see/save!


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