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Avoid Crowds When Traveling & Save Money

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not. If you have the freedom of choosing when to travel, here are some tips to traveling & avoiding crowds, and saving some money too, like we always do:

1. Avoid school holidays

2. Commute/fly on weekdays

3. Travel the weekend AFTER a major holiday. For example this year we went to Disney the week after Christmas break, we went to Cabo the weekend after Easter, we went to Tulum the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we went to Rivera Nayarit the weekend after school started in August. We literally were alone in the resorts

4. Go to breakfast and dinners early, easy when you have kids (since they wake up early and they go to bed early too) which makes it way less crowded as well

5. Talk to the hotel concierge before booking. Once I narrow down the destination I always talk to them about possible dates with less occupancy

6. Obviously, if you can, plan your mini getaway on weekdays

7. Watch the weather forecasts and rainy seasons. Of course if you travel to a beach destination you’ll want to avoid rainy seasons so you are not locked in the hotel all day, however, you can travel at the tail end or beginning of that season where you’ll catch fewer tourists and not so much rain, like when we went to Bali at the end of rainy season & Thailand at the beginning of it l, it was perfect, basically only rained a bit at night

The aim of going on holiday is to find relaxation and enjoyment in your new surroundings, so skipping the overwhelming noises, aggravating masses of tourists, and lines, definitely makes the trip way better, and even saves you some bucks!


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