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Beckham's 14 Months: Update & Schedule

He now RUNS quickly and it's just way harder to keep up. I remember with Sofia that, 14 to 18 months was the busiest physical age (since they are suddenly quick, and everything is still dangerous and you have to keep an eye closely), and I can now confirm that it is, in fact, the busiest physical age!

The level of intensity kicked up a notch this month and hopefully we only have a few months of it peaking because damn it, it's extra exhausting. And with an added threenager in the mix, it’s not easy!

Another major change is his schedule, he has been doing one nap consistently for two months now, but he now has pushed it back, which means his bedtime is later again. Here's the current schedule (of course everything give or take, I let him lead the way):

7am wake up

8am breakfast

10am snack

11:30pm nursing

12pm to 2pm nap

3pm lunch

4:30pm snack

6:30pm dinner

7:30pm nighttime routine + nursing

8pm bedtime

+ night feeds when needed

So yes, he is still nursing twice a day, and a couple at night. He gets very distracted when nursing now so the only place to do a proper session is in bed, with lights dimmed, right before nap & bedtime. But of course, sometimes he asks for it as a comfort feeding, which is very normal!

He has been so expressive, everyone always completely understands everything he says with gestures and his own language (of course, a few real words too, his current fav word is caca lol), and he is so playful, friendly, sweet and fun, loves to explore and be a part of the big kids, he truly believes he is Sofia's age.

And something that always amazes me is that he doesn't take BS from anyone, if his sister takes a toy, he fights for it back, if he doesn't like something, he will let you know. And although that can be hard for me sometimes... I love that he can already stand up for himself. You go B.

PS: Don't compare your baby's schedule, size, milestones or personality to others. They are all unique, and grow at their own rhythm, and that's what makes them extra special.


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