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Beckham's 6 Months Updates

OMG I am so late to this update, but: HAPPY SIX MONTHS (and a half) LITTLE B.

He is sitting on his own perfectly and loves to play with all his toys. He is also doing the first "crawling movements" with his feet (pretending to push, without crawling or moving from the spot). He is rolling and absolutely loves to distract himself with the play gym, teethers & toys. And although he is needy and loves to be in mamas arms, he has a lot of great independent play time where you can see him analyzing and learning from all his toys & surroundings.

He is now sitting in the big boy stroller (and as always, LOVES to go for walks), started solids amazingly (complimentary to nursing, milk is still his primary source of nutrients for a long time), and is going to graduate from his baby bassinet this month, although I plan to keep him in my room for a longer time, like I did with Sofia (no regrets, I love having them close as babies, I miss it later and it's so convenient to nurse at night).

I feel like he has grown a lot (height & weight wise) since he, all the sudden, is in 9-12month old clothes.

He responds to his name with a big smile. And my favorite thing of all times is when he plays with his sister or observes her with big eyes, and when he wakes up and is there, waiting for me with a big smile!

He is also supper chatty and you can tell by the sounds he does if he is happy, fussy or tired. He truly can now express his emotions with sounds (and expressions) and can say more vowels and consonants than before!

And although he has no teeth yet I do now think that he is starting to teeth (remember sometimes it takes 3 weeks to see the teeth peek through since the first signs).

Six months is a major accomplishment for us mamas so if you have a six month old make sure to give yourself a pat in the back too mama, it’s deserved.

Don't forget to enjoy your parenthood and have fun with your baby. The 6-month-old stage is a very special time. They are generally happy, love to smile and “play” with you, and are not mobile yet, so much easier. Don't take this time for granted and make the most of it!

We love you Beckham, my beautiful sweet boy!


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