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Being Present

We all are probably guilty of unintentionally disconnecting from the present moment.

We are always busy keeping up with the house chores, work, meals... whatever it may be. That it happens to us so often and we truly forget how to REALLY be present and soak in our surroundings, people and moments a majority of the time. Unless we put work into it.

Since I became a mom, it’s something I have definitely put more effort in practicing. I look at my babies, try to memorize their face, their features, their energy. Because they change so often that the past is quickly forgotten and being present is extra important when such big changes happen in so little time.

Every day I try to block time and put everything aside, even if it’s 10min here and there, to take a mental picture of the simple things: a bath with my baby, playtime with them, watching them play independently... all those raw simple moments are truly the most magical and worth to really soak in and intentionally remember.

I also get so many messages from mamas telling me they can’t wait until their kids are older to do certain things, travel more, have them be more independent, get out of X phases they are currently going through...

Let this also be a reminder that, every age is amazing and has its very hard parts too. So please soak in the stage you are going through today.

Because I promise you that, as much as incredible things are going to come in future, you’ll also miss a lot of the past stages too!

So be present.

Be mindful.

Soak all the simple moments.

Get excited about today.

Don’t just look forward the future.

Travel today.

Make memories today.

Enjoy today!


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