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Best Toys To Travel With A Toddler (Car, Plane...)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

One thing we can all agree on is: traveling with kids isn't easy! You have to keep them entertained and plan around good times, so it's more manageable. So bringing snacks and toys to help them keep busy, is key. Here are some of my favorite, quiet and easy to play on the plane or in the car.

1. Magnetic Drawing Board shop

2. Word Book shop

3. Puppets shop

4. Water Wow Books shop

5. Animals Touch & Feel shop

6. Magnet Maze shop

7. Wikki Sticks shop

8. Sticker Scene Book shop

9. Scribble Book shop

If toddler is over 2, check this tablet with toddler apps, stories and games, although we personally try to completely avoid tablets in car too unless very necessary.

And this tray is amazing & comes with our fav water books (available in blue as well).

And if you are looking for baby car toys, check here!


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