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Dealing With Baby Jet Lag

BABY & JET LAG: This is a hard topic to write about because depending on the time difference, the baby’s age, trip distance, the time you land... everything will vary your baby jet lag experience. However, there are some general rules and tips that always apply to help you cope with your babies jet lag (learned from my experience and my mistakes!):

1. Know that the adaptation lasts about 3-7 days. Be patient.

2. Babies under 4-6months are definitely less impacted since they nap more often during the day. The older they are the harder to adapt.

3. If it’s only a couple hours difference you can shift the schedule (move naps up/down) even a few days prior to leaving or the traveling day. This typically helps Sofia sleep right on time and jump into the new routine.

4. Make sure babies are well rested before traveling. This is why WHEN to book a flight is super important (my tips on booking a flight here!).

5. If the baby has been sleeping on the plane and you land daytime, with few hours left before bed (or more): as soon as you land do an outdoor activity so the brain gets stimulated.

6. Keep the room pitch black when it’s time to sleep to help the babies body & brain, the body will produce melatonin and will understand it’s bed time. You can also bring your sound machine.

7. Be conscious of home feeding times. Those will shift too, so the baby may be hungry in the middle of the night. Have a light snack prepared. Or try to avoid them being hungry in the middle of the night by making sure baby’s belly is full before bed, this will help them sleep best and adapt faster.

8. Even if you are on vacation: don’t do stimulating activities before bed.

Overall, be patient and remember that it’s just a few days of adapting. Just like you. You’ll all get back on track!


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