Delivery/Hospital Bag List!

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Busy mama? No time to research? I got you! Here's a list I put together with all must have items for your delivery/hospital bag. Please note, a lot of hospitals provide you with a few things, so check with your personal hospital and cross off any items that will be provided to you!

👶🏼 FOR BABY: - 2 to 4 receiving blankets - 3 to 4 newborn hats - 5 newborn onesies

- 4 Newborn pair of socks - 4 newborn gloves/mittens - 4 burp cloths - One cute newborn outfit to go home

- Newborn Diapers & wipes - A heavy blanket - Nursing pillow

👸 FOR MOM: - Comfy change of clothes to go home in

- 2 comfy Nursing bras - 4 underwear - Nursing pads - Maternity PJs - Thick Socks - An old T-shirt or top for water labor - Warm Robe - Lip balm, nipple balm, hairbrush, toothbrush & paste, face wash, deodorant, body lotion, face towelettes - Nightgown - Slippers - Maxi Pads - Big towel for car ride & soft/nice towel for there - Hair ties / head band - Sugar free candy to keep mouth moist during labor - Snacks: nuts, healthy bars, soft drinks - Water spray to keep refreshed and hydrated

- Extra Pillow/s

🙋🏼‍♂️ FOR PARTNER: - Change of clothes - Comfy shoes - Slippers

- Swimwear for water labor

- Phone chargers - Camera/batteries

OTHER THINGS TO HAVE READY: - Special music on phone (I have to think of this one!) - Car seat installed - Phone list (important numbers: birthing center, back-up, pediatrician, family & friends)

You can check my amazon list for exact baby products I got.

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