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Does motherhood get easier?

As I was drying my hair while nursing B today, I had one of those moments where I stopped and realized: wow, we truly get used to the hard parts of motherhood!

That’s it: It’s not that it gets easy...


It simply all becomes part of our day to day, and ends up going unnoticed.

But damn it, it’s HARD, and we do these hard things everyday. Even when we don’t notice them.

So next time, when your day ends, instead of focusing on all of those things you didn’t have time to do, let’s focus on all the things you didn’t even notice you did.

Because even on the days when you feel like you don’t get to do anything on your to do list: YOU. ARE. DOING. SO. MUCH.

Give yourself more grace. You do so much more than you even recognize!

We are stronger than we see.

We do much more than we notice.


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