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Exactly How I Work With Sofia

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I have so much going on, computer work, meetings on-the-go & events... running a business full time and being with a baby full time is not easy. So I need to make sure I can get that work done with Sofia and wherever I am, from my phone or tablet too!

So here’s what I do. Note, I have a PR/Event business, of course, every business will need to be organized differently.

▫️ I respond to all emails from my phone, as soon as I can, so they don’t pile up, even during the weekend or at night.

▫️The only emails I don’t respond to quickly are the ones I have to spend more time writing, or the ones which need documents from my computer.

▫️ I edit all photos on my iPad. I make sure I have the necessary apps & tools there to edit properly.

▫️ My camera has wifi and I can transfer all photos to my phone/tablet easily and wherever I may be.

▫️ I plan all of my clients social media on my iPad & iPhone. I make sure I have all the necessary apps & tools on both platforms, AND that they are linked to each other.

▫️ I create all of my clients press releases / newsletters on my computer, however, I have the program on my iPad & phone too, in case I need quick small edits or retouches.

▫️ I try to write pitches on my phone notes, or at least get some ideas/bullet points started there, so when I get my limited computer time, I am quicker writing them.

▫️ I make as many calls as I can when I’m away from my desk, this way, I don’t loose computer time.

▫️ Once Sofia is down at night, I sometimes have to get back on the computer instead of unwinding, and that's OK.

Overall, doing these makes me be productive while I’m away from my desk. So when I get on the computer, I am on it, super productive, and get things done quick! Extra important now that I don’t get to sit in my computer all day like I used to but i need to get the same amount of work done!


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