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First Trimester Essentials!

1. Loose clothing: First trimester bloating is real. Tight-fitting clothes can reduce circulation, make you feel overheated, and be extremely uncomfortable. Pick something breathable, stretchy, soft, and/or loose-fitting.

2. Nutrition. First trimester nutrition is usually hard, food aversions, appetite changes, odd cravings and/or constant nausea. Eating usual meals is difficult and snacking frequently is usually best to keep fueling and help reduce nausea. Some good nutrient dense snacks? If you can tolerate them of course.

Avocado toast with egg

Mixed nuts

Greek yogurt with berries

Superfood smoothies

Banana or apple with peanut butter & flax

Hummus & carrots

Veggie frittata…

And when you can sneak in lean meats and salmon. Do your best! I know it’s hard 😩

3. Mom's Complete Multivitamin. Getting the high demanded nutrients through food is a challenge. Especially through the 1st Trimester. We NEED our multivitamin to work. Mom’s Multi is a pre&postnatal multi with a complete & clean formula, and effective: allowing the body to absorb 95% of the nutrients (vs others 5-10%).

Peace of mind knowing that the essential nutrients you and your baby need to thrive and develop are absorbed. Folate, vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12, Iron, Niacin, Magnesium… which play a role in early fetal development, and pregnancy support, plus added immune support to keep us strong through this weak stage like vitamin D, zinc and copper.

AND Ginger Root and Lemon Balm too which help alleviate first trimester nausea, lower stress & anxiety that we can easily experience through this trimester and boost cognitive awareness to fight pregnancy brain fog too! Shop here.

4. Soft Bristled toothbrush. Due to hormonal changes, we may experience bleeding gums during pregnancy & we are more prone to infections. By using a soft-bristled brush you can help avoid gingivitis & not irritate your gums.

5. Electrolytes for extra hydration and minerals, I like this unsweetened brand. Shop.

6. Other "morning" sickness soothers: ginger/lemon pops, ginger ale, ginger tea, mint or ginger gum, nausea bracelets, sparkling water, peppermint tea, ginger chamomile tea, acupressure bands…


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