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Goal Setting!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

GOAL SETTING provides focus, and helps translate dreams into a reality by taking action, step by step.

✔️ The number one rule should be knowing what you want to accomplish LONG-TERM and break it down into short-term steps:

- FINAL OBJECTIVE "To get healthy"

- DAILY CHANGES/ACTIONS: Not eating past 9p, not buying junk food/snacks for the house, meal prepping every Sunday, searching for new tasty recipes every end of the month...

✔️ Evaluating and reflecting is another main key: the same way you can now stop and think of the above now, you have to weekly set time aside to evaluate: did you stick to your short term promises? what did you NOT do? Realize what’s not working AND add new short-term goals to speed up the process. If "Getting fit" is your long-term goal, and your initial short-term activities include "I will go to the gym 3/week" after two months, you may want to add an extra workout day! Adapt as you go!

✔️ Prioritize: it's obvious that there will be weeks where you won't have time due to travel, work, events... but if you establish a priority rank, you will get the most important goals done regardless: when I travel, I work out. No excuses! I find the time to hit the hotel gym, go for a run, or whatever it may be. I adapt the workout to the scenario, but I get it done. Why? Because it's my priority. However, if I can’t make the "meal prep on Sunday", I can adapt that to another day, or just eat out healthy, without affecting my goal.

✔️ Long-term Goals should have a balance between realistic & ambitious, they should be specific, attainable, and always have a timeline to make sure you stick to them!

✔️ Finally, talking about your goals to others may help you accomplish them too. If your best friend knows you want to "Save Money” by “Eating out once a week only" he/she may help by not suggesting to go out as often!

💗 Having dreams and goals does increase your happiness: it gives you a sense of purpose and challenges you to do better each day. We are way too busy with life so setting time aside to think of ways to listen to your heart and know what direction your life is going is super important.


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