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Healthy Relationship While Building/Growing A Business Through The First Year Of Parenthood

This topic isn’t an easy one to talk about because there’s no secret. Not ONE KEY. Every situation is different and there are a ton of factors that will come into play, especially during the first year of parenthood, with so many changes.

Both building/growing a business and having a baby can take your full attention and can easily put the romantic relationships on the side. So how to keep the relationship strong? Here are my tips.

1. Communication. Put time aside, stop everything you are doing and have a conversation. About your day. About each other’s goals. About each other’s needs. About the future.

2. Understand and support. The same way you want to be supported on your needs (me time, gym time, self care...) you should also respect his needs. If that means golfing for him, and a spa day for you.

3. The right partner. Of course, not everyone will understand an entrepreneur’s lifestyle (working until late in the day and weekends too) so personally, having a partner who is an entrepreneur himself works: we are working 24/7 together, and we can take off and travel anytime, flexible, too.

4. Take time off together: of course being a mom and an entrepreneur means no time off. Trust me, I get it. But you do need time off together. Even if it’s a few minutes every night once the baby is down. A couples massage or a movie at home. Find that little simple moment of quality time. It’s what life is all about.

5. Schedule family trips. We like to do it every 6-8weeks max, even if it’s a local quick getaway. That time away together as a family is everything AND having something to look forward to gives us extra energy when we are so busy in LA.

6. Talk about finances and chores before having a baby. Once the baby comes things obviously can get more stressful so if you’ve talked about who takes care of what financially and, with home errands, you’ll be able to remove tension and create less argument opportunities.

7. Patience. Not all days will be perfect. Some days you'll be busier or more stressed, others he will. It's all about patience and understanding. Everyone can have a bad day, and mistakes.


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