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Hello, come get to know me!

It's been a while so it’s time to reintroduce myself 🤍 My name is Laura and I am 33 years young, originally from Barcelona, Spain.

I studied PR & Advertising in the University of Barcelona and moved to Los Angeles on my own right after, to continue my studies in Marketing at UCLA.

During my first LA years I also started freelancing and soon in 2012, I opened my own PR & Digital Marketing Agency, that is still in business today!

With all the young-immigrant-entrepreneur experiences and challenges, I started my IG account with the goal to empower woman to follow their dreams too, trusting themselves & their intuition, learning after each failure.

In 2014 I met my now husband Nathan at the gym in West Hollywood. He is 39 from St Charles Missouri, but has been living in LA for 20 years and has a business in Real Estate.

In 2017 we started our family, and now we have an almost 4 year old daughter, Sofia, and 16 month old boy, Beckham.

Since becoming a mom, my personal passion has shifted focus into empowering the motherhood journey of other mamas, listening to their babies, trusting their gut and feeling confident in their natural mom instincts.

My platforms, full of helpful resources have now expanded to a blog, newsletter, and I became a Pregnancy and Postpartum Doula to also offer online courses that prepare moms for a smooth & confident transition into motherhood, to enjoy the ride, as they deserve.

I appreciate you being here and thank you for cheering me on as I share my journey, experiences and all the tools that help me, in hopes of helping you too!

And cheers to empowering each other through the highs and lows of all that’s to come ✌🏼


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