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Hold the Mom. Not the baby.

It's time we stop telling new moms that a book, expert or external person will know what’s best for their babies.

It's time we stop telling new moms that they are doing things wrong. Spreading fear over what will happen if they keep doing things their own, natural instinct way.

Instead, it’s time to empower new moms to feel capable, in charge, wise, knowledgeable and secure in their own decisions.

It's time to help new moms, not by telling them what or how to do things, but by providing them the right support, education and resources. So they feel calm, stress-free, and can listen to their mom intuition, the one that knows best.

It's time to help new moms understand that they need the RIGHT village around them, the one that LISTENS to their voice and needs, that does not suppress it or pressure them into doing things, but instead, gives them options and guidance to help them feel at their best, to feel capable to take care of their babies, in their own way.

It's time to help new moms with the right tools and resources for postpartum healing, recovery, planning and mindset.

To spread awareness on the importance of mom care & planning ahead for support, rather than just focusing on newborn care.

It's time to stop focusing on 6374 baby items in the registry, and stop the 78 new onesies, flowers and balloons as birth gifts. And switch it for nourishment, home help & emotional support instead.

It's time we stop asking to hold and see the baby.

It's time we hold and see the mom.

What's something you felt unseen with through postpartum?

How did someone help you most through postpartum?


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