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How Can Partner Help Through The Newborn & Baby Stage

We had all of our family thousands of miles away, and no hired help. Absolutely everything had to be split between my husband and I (which by the way, as entrepreneurs, neither of us had maternity or paternity leave either, so we had to be on top of things) and with proper organization and lots of realistic expectations, we made it work!

Save all these ideas for later and send to your partner (or another mom who may need it). These things are not JUST for the first few weeks, but months postpartum through the first year, especially.

  • BE PRESENT: even if you work, check in, come back early when you can, work from home if you can, take breaks lunch breaks together if you can, and make weekend family plans

  • MORE HOUSE WORK: clean, pick up, laundry, cook, do dishes, walk the dog, bring flowers and don’t stress / yell at each other if things aren’t perfect during this life stage

  • STAY ON TOP OF GROCERIES: share a list on the phone so you never forget a thing

  • ENTERTAIN TODDLER/KIDS: take them to park, plan play dates with other parents, take over nighttime routine, get them ready for and take them to school

  • HOLD THE MOM: admire her, appreciate her, tell her how amazing she is doing things, go with her to doctors’ appointments, bring her her favorite juice coffee or tea, get a bubble bath ready for her, talk to her be aware of PPD red flags and check in on her mental health

  • HOLD THE BABY: so she can shower, sleep, eat, catch up with a friend, go get acupuncture/chiropractor/a massage, get her nails done, get a home facial, or do nothing at all on her own. Bottle feed if that’s an option.

  • WAKE UP EARLY: the mom will wake up every 2-5h at night, for months, and especially if dad isn’t, wake up early with the baby (and other kids) and let mama sleep in and catch up, trust me it’s still not the same as sleeping through!

Save all these ideas for later and send to your partner or mom who may need it!

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Carrie Sylvain
Carrie Sylvain
Mar 17, 2023

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