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How I Do The Same As Pre-Baby!

Working through postpartum and motherhood has kept me sane. I personally need to be challenged mentally, to keep my entrepreneurial spirit fueled and excited! It gives me life. And I can be the best mom to Sofia and have the energy to take care of her full time because I can keep that part of who I am too.

A lot of people are amazed at me keeping up with work and everything that I did pre baby: I run my own business, I train daily, I eat extremely healthy, I travel, I keep my household clean, I see my friends... and I take care of my daughter! But what they don’t understand is that I do EVERYTHING, way differently now!

- I work from my home office as much as I can, I plan all meetings around her schedule, I take her to all my work events, I had to learn how to work from my phone & iPad the majority of the day, except when she naps I get desk!

- My mindset has had to change too. I have had to learn how to be flexible with my routine, and how to be way more patient at home & on-the-go.

- I no longer can go to the gym whenever I want to. I have to rely on someone else: wait until my husband can be home with my daughter. But I still make it to the gym daily, even after a full day of work & baby and on/off sleep!

- I have to pick up after every mess so it doesn’t pile up (messes are created way easier now lol) and I’ve kept my cleaning service to once every two weeks (to deep clean) because I still don’t think we need it more often, even with a bigger house. - Instead of cooking every meal as I did before, I now use a meal prep delivery service @cateredfit (I can choose my own meals, they have vegan and pescatarian options, they are fresh not frozen and delivery daily! It goes w my nutrition, fitness & lifestyle, and saves me time, which is priceless. You can use my code PRBOSSBABE for a discount) - We travel as often, but we have to consider a thousand more things when planning!

- I see friends on a weekly basis but as I mentioned, instead of seeing them at restaurants we meet at lounges, parks, for walks... so I can bring Sofia, she gets distracted and we catch up.

Trust me there are days where I don't get anything done too, days where I can't make the gym. Just remember your life keeps going, it's just one day, it is OK. You'll do more tomorrow!


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