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How I Get “Me Time” As A Mom

It resets my mind and body. Even if it’s short. Even if it’s twice a week. Me time (meaning not working, and not with the baby) charges my energy more than anything.

Now, scheduling it in is not easy. Especially with no family around to help, and needing to work on my “baby free time”! So, how do I get me time?

1. The gym. It’s been my constant, ive been going daily since 4w PP, I feel renewed and amazing after. When Sofia was a newborn & baby, I had to go to the gym at night, around daddy’s schedule, because I didn’t want to take her to the gyms kids club yet. Did I wanna go to the gym at 9pm after staying home with the baby + working all day AND being up constantly at night? No. But the feeling was so worth it! After she turned 1, I started bringing (which she loves) and it gave me a new freedom scheduling the gym in whenever I wanted and i could even shower after.

2. Since Sofia is 1, daddy goes to the gym with Sofia alone on my 2 days off. I take advantage and do whatever I feel like: catch up with a friend, go get my nails done, or do absolutely nothing.

3. Travel. As you know we travel often, and when we travel, we get plenty of family time, so we always make sure to take turns with Sofia, and get me time too. For ex, they go play or explore and I go to the spa, or lay by the beach alone. Then I play with her and he goes to the gym or surf.

4. Spa at home. Since day 1 postpartum I’ve always scheduled my massages and facials at night at home. It’s amazing & convenient.

5. Since Sofia was 18m, we’ve scheduled a night or two a month where we go to early dinner and catch up with friends. We are back on time to put her to sleep ourselves and she has fun playing for a couple h. Honestly, I didn’t feel the need or want to do it earlier on. But I know we’ll eventually have #2 and doing this will be harder/a longer wait. So it’s the perf time!

6. If I’m ever burned (harder baby / work days) I ask daddy to go for a walk w Sofia, to the park or our neighbors house at the end of the day. And I just do a little self care action & relax. Even if it’s 30min, it does help.

How do you schedule me time?


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