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How To Be Happy

Daily happiness doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. But that you face the world with different eyes and a positive attitude.

Here are some top things I do to be happy everyday, even through stressful moments, challenges and problems.

1. A happy & positive group of people around. Always get rid of negative influences and only have those with good vibes around.

2. Daily self care actions & activities that make me happy. Luckily I love my job/business, and I pay close attention to taking care of myself and engage with fun activities. For me: going to the gym, hiking, daily skincare routines, facials at home, beauty treatments every now and then. The list goes on!

3. Keep healthy. Feeling good from within makes a huge difference: daily workouts and eating clean, unprocessed.

4. Always being optimistic. Of course there are days where it’s easier to be negative, but if your mind is trained to replace negative thoughts for positive ones, you move on quickly.

5. Embrace the negative as a learning experience.

6. Believe in karma. Do good. Have peace of mind. It’ll come back.

7. Learn not to care. What people say, what people think. This takes time but when you stop caring of drama or what people think of you, you live happier too.

8. Focus on experiences and the simple things. Stop caring about materialistic things. Buy experiences over stuff.

9. Know your worth and don’t settle. Whether it’s work, a relationship, whatever it is.

10. Don’t clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t use. I donate part of my closet every coupe months!

11. Know your anti stress strategies: a walk, the gym, music, sleep... whatever it is know yourself and what you need to do when a stressful time approaches.

12. Cultivate spiritual / religious connections. Connect to something larger.

13. Know your goals. Know where you want to go. There are always periods of time where this is hard to know, but overall always fight to know where you want to go.

14. Keep growing. Keep evolving. Keep investing in yourself.


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