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How To Create New Year Goals & Intentions

It’s now time to set all the new year goals and intentions.

As an entrepreneur, I value and understand the necessity of setting these. They help us see the future, and envisioning it helps us create a plan and stay on track. Intentions also give you purpose, inspiration and motivation, and they can truly change your life.

Setting intentions is also a way of focusing on the positive and creating change.

Intentions are little actions and acts that are easy to focus on and do, and will help us get closer to end goals.

If your goal is “to be healthier” it’s hard to accomplish it without actions and intentions. These could be cutting off processed food, eating more organic produce, exercise X times a week, etc.

Here are a few steps to set realistic intentions and actions that will help you succeed into reaching your 2019 goals:

1. Be specific: if you want to “go to bed earlier” set a time instead: “be in bed by 10:30pm”.

2. Write them down: outline the big goals & small actions to achieve them. A step by step plan will keep you focused.

3. Make time: if you want to exercise more, schedule a set time to do so each week.

4. Don’t doubt. Obviously something new will make you doubt if you can do it, but it’s important to move past those negative feelings.

5. Have a partner, friend, coach... someone to keep you accountable, talk about progress & challenges, make sure they are supportive and motivating.

6. Make sure you practice self calmness. You can see how on my blog, link in bio.

Now go write your 2019 goals and intentions before January 1st!


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