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How To Create The Perfect Summer Picnic

This post was sponsored by Kroger. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Kroger.

I partnered up with Kroger to create the perfect family picnic, because spring & summer is THE ideal time to enjoy these at your local parks and beaches.

So, I came up with a detailed list of must-have easy items for you girls to create your very own family picnic and enjoy them with your little ones too!


- Baby carrots

- Celery

- Pineapple

- Grapes

- Watermelon

- Blueberries

- Croissants

- Baguette bread

- Hummus

- Pretzels

- Crackers

- Salad (spinach, cheese cubes and cherry tomatoes)

- Water

- Lemon and cucumber slices for the water

- Cheese

Cracker Barrel makes the perfect cheese for occasions like these.

Their new cheese cubes are cubes that you can easily toss to salads or a bowl to mix with grapes & crackers.

They also have new Pairing Boards that come with crackers, cheese slices and meats that you can quickly & beautifully place on a cutting board.

I absolutely love their new cheese dippers that come with pretzels & pita chips.

And, their cheese sticks are individually packaged and are also a great snack to include.

You can find all of these at your local Kroger Family of Brands Store, like Ralphs in LA!


- Cutting board

- Picnic Blanket

- Flowers

- Plates

- Bowls

- Cups

- Utensils

- Water carafe

- Cloth napkins

- Bags for trash

Now you are ready, go enjoy the outdoors with your family, cheers!

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