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How To Give Our Kids The Best

We struggle and worry wanting the best for our kids, but let me remind you of what our kids care about:

Our love and comfort, not a tidy house

Our presence and quality time, not quantity yet absent time

Our fun and memories, not fancy toys

Our energy and mood, not the way we look

Your house will never be perfectly tidy with kids living in it, so give yourself a break, keep it minimally tidy and go play with them!

There will always be more toys & activities you THINK they "need", stop with that mindset and go enjoy simple experiences like a family bubble bath or a family walk!

Remember quality over quantity. Even if you are gone at work all day, be present in your time together.

Stop worrying about not having perfect things (toys, meals, a big house, newer car) and start implementing that energy towards creating experiences with them instead!

And stop getting overwhelmed about always wearing a bun and sweats. They see you way past that, and so should you. Focus on self-care instead to feel comfortable, fresh, energized and ready to enjoy the day creating memories.

You are doing amazing despite your worries, and your kids will ALWAYS remember that.

And I hope you remember this next time you struggle, go enjoy life with your fam


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