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How To Have A Productive Office Space

Focusing and being productive when sitting in a chair is not easy, but when you are a mom and have little bits of time to sit down alone and work, there's simply no other option but than to focus and get to work.

So today I want to talk about how I avoid any distractions and keep my office with a productive energy, to be able to get as much as I can done, in as little time as possible.

+ Good natural lighting. Try to locate your office (or desk) in a bright room full of natural light. My office is located in the brightest room of the house, and I absolutely notice and love that!

+ Have a big, spacious desk. Preferably white. It is brighter and sets the mood. And keep it simple: the less crap you have on it, the better.

+ Have a comfortable office chair. Mine is linked here.

+ Have a lid candle (love the scent) and keep replacing it. Every time I sit down, I light my candle, and it sets my working mood. I love Keap sustainable, scented, with zero-waste approach

+ Have your focus & success crystals. Pyrite Crystal for success, to align yourself with the energy of abundance and deflect unwanted energy. Ocean Jasper to detox from stress and fill your mind with positivity, it helps you navigate through challenges peacefully. And Botswana Agate to keep strong and protected, helping you reconnect with your breath and find your own personal, natural rhythm: the perfect crystal to find balance between time & energy, perfect to multitask. See more here.

+ Always keep your planner (I have this one), your printable to-do lists (download them here), a little note pad, a monthly calendar, a good pen, and a marker, all on top of your desk.

+ Always bring a drink you can sip on. I like to vary between water with lemon and cucumber, water with chlorophyll drops, warm lemon & ginger tea, kombucha, iced matcha latte or a green juice. And keep some inspiring mugs handy like this or this.

+ Flowers. Just like the candle, there's something about flowers on my desk make me be happy, I love to have the ones that never die (and smell amazing) from Venus Et Fleur. They last over a year, I have the small round on my desk (in blush suede box and blush roses, but so many other combinations available). It's the perfect touch!

+ A good computer. To me, a fast computer with a HUGE screen is everything too. It works well, efficiently, and a big screen just gets me going! I am obsessed with a good desktop. I don't know why, but I am not a fan of laptops when I am at my office. I have this one.

+ A phone tripod. For conference calls and coaching sessions. I don't have to worry about holding my phone during the whole call (esp on video) and it can be at a right angle the whole time (comfortably) for them to see me properly and for me to be hands free using the computer and taking notes. I like this one for my desk.

+ A phone charger. I can't run out of juice or not have my phone with me while I work (because I do work with my phone simultaneously and I can't miss a call then either). So I always have a charger plugged in my computer.

+ Photo frame. It should hold a photo that motivates you, that brings you joy or inspiration. A traveling family photo, for example.

+ The overall decor and color scheme should boost your mood. Include tons of white for light and pops of colors that you love. I have the pink from the flowers, the gold from some accessories, and the art. Surround yourself with items that inspire you. If you like the beach, have a shelf with a beach setting that includes a mini-palm tree, a coconut cup, and shells.Use a visually appealing desktop graphic and screensaver, perhaps that includes one or more of the elements too.

+ A cute mouse pad. I love this neutral marble one that suits my vibe and space.

+ Essential oil diffuser and oils. The best oils for the office (to boost productivity and concentration) are peppermint, lavender, rosemary, sage, basil, and lemon.

+ Get rid of cluster. At least once a week (ideally at the end of every work session) tidy up your desk! A clean environment is a must to focus.


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