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How To Jump To A Productive Routine After Holidays/Travel


1. Unpack & do laundries immediately.

2. Treat yourself to a manicure and/a facial, feeling put together will make you feel back on track, clean & motivated.

3. Start eating super clean and as regular. For me: eating my reg, having daily green juices & kombucha as well as night tea / collagen. Even though I eat healthy while traveling it’s not EXACTLY the same!

4. So I make sure to have my groceries scheduled for them to be delivered the day after I get back so I arrive to a house full of fresh produce & healthy goodies! Having a stocked fridge & pantry is #1 to get back on track eating wise, which also makes you feel back on track organized & energy wise. If you are in SoCal you know you have to try (use lauragimbert for extra $ to spend and free deliver).

5. Start exercising right away daily. Even if it’s just stretching or an easy workout at first, getting your daily workout habit is the important thing and, will also make you feel better & energized.

6. Try to go to bed earlier than usual to catch up on sleep & traveling exhaustion.

7. Don’t push it or be hard on yourself. Listen to your body. If you are sick: get well 1st.

8. Don’t regret the holidays or the excesses, it’s done, now it’s time to move on!

9. Once you start feeling back on track start planning your next vacation even if it’s far away, so you have something new & exciting to look forward to.

10. Write to-do lists while you are away to get back and know what you need to do without wasting time!


1. Be patient. It takes anything from 3-7 days for me to get sofia back on an exact routine after a vacation.

2. Let them sleep. Within a window of time I let her sleep earlier and later than her normal schedule because she may need to catch up on sleep too, they may need more sleep to get back on track!

3. Try follow the regular feeding + bath schedule too.

Honestly, Sofia has always adapted amazing back home. What helps the most is to have the home ready. So focus on the things YOU need to do to get everything set at home and for you to feel back on track, mama!


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