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How To Take Professional Passport Photos At Home In 5 Minutes

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I discovered this while needing to take baby passport photos with Sofia. She was 2 months and as you can understand, taking her to a regular shop to take a passport photo sounded impossible.

With Beckham, not only was he a little baby too but there was a pandemic, stores were closed, so this was even more useful.

And now, I even take my own passport photos at home doing this quick and easy method. Plus, I can make sure I look decent... ha!

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Get a good photo: - Natural light - White background (white wall or lay baby on white sheets) - Neutral expression (nothing exaggerated) - No pacifiers or other objects for kids - No adult hands holding baby - Looking straight / front - Glasses are NOT allowed - Center head in middle of pic - Good Resolution (I take them with my phone but make sure not blurry etc) - NO hats or head coverings, except for religious/medical with a signed statement To see the full guidelines and examples for photos on kids and adults here

  2. Click here and follow the steps. Make sure you enter what type of document you need and the country its for because each photo will have different sizing (passport photos in the USA are 2x2)

  3. Select Printed Copies + Shipping to receive them professionally printed at home (took less than a week with regular shipping) and make sure you select how many you want (I always order more than what I really need just in case)

  4. Add your photo (don't crop it, add the full photo you took with no editing, just make sure that it meets the requirements mentioned in point 1) and, this is important: SELECT EXPERT REVIEW BOX. It's almost $5 extra but, so so so worth it. The expert will edit the photo to make it look like it's done in a studio with professional lighting, and, will also remove the background to make it feel super pro, you won't see the sheets, wall or shadows.

That's it! Best trick ever.

This was the original photo laying on the bed, on top you can see the printed, professional version we got in the mail!



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