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How & Why We Do So Many Outdoor Activities As A Family

We are always out and about, doing nature getaways and fun outdoor activities. And I always get messages on HOW? How do I have the energy to? How do we get ready daily and out of the door?

The truth is, staying home with kids all day is way more exhausting!!!!

Sure, some days it’s HARD to get out of the door, but once we are out, time goes by quicker, we all have more fun, it’s easier for them to get independently creative, entertained and be pleased, they learn from the world, they burn more energy, and get some much needed vitamin D & fresh air.

Being in the house with them is much more challenging: it’s hard for us parents to keep creative daily, activities last a shorter time, YOU have to entertain them more, the house is an aftermath is intense & picking up is extra work too...

Being out, even if it’s for a little part of the day, simply makes the day much easier!

I tend to plan long outings every weekend, and at least a little outing daily!

Other tips for me to get out of the house easily and stress free:

1. Have the diaper bag always ready

2. Have a packing list pre-written for all getaways (I have tons of free printable on my website)

3. Keep must-haves at door

4. Always have easy grab and go snacks ready

5. Mom: don’t overthink it. Wear something casual, easy to throw on, pony and fresh face help me get out of the house quick 😬

6. Try to get toddler excited to go & to be helpful so they collaborate in getting out of the house: no, this doesn’t always work, and she’s the main reason why it’s hard to leave sometimes lol

7. Have some lazy days and lazy mornings too!

Plus, a little sun exposure helps them produce melatonin and sleep better too (FYI: up to 10-15 min for babies! Please keep their skin safe in the shade, understand the hours that are OK for exposure depending on where you live, and talk to your doctor to monitor it properly).

Do you agree that staying in the house is harder or is it easier for you?

What are your tips?


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