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Los Cabos Trip Recap

Cabo was a dream, and there are a few things that made this trip epic: booking the right hotel, booking the right weekend, and booking the right season. I will go over everything in detail, let's do this!

The flight was as easy as it gets, from LA it is just a 2h flight, a breeze, and we planned it around her one and only nap, as I always recommend, so she slept through it.

We decided to stay at the new Montage Hotel in Los Cabos which opened almost a year ago, it is the perfect mix between high-end luxury and kid friendly. It is calm, peaceful, Zen, and couldn't be better located. An idyllic sanctuary perched upon the premier beachfront in Cabo, on the azure waters of Santa Maria Bay, it features walk-in access to the finest swimming (hard to find in Cabo), snorkeling and diving.

The resort picked us up in a private van which included an infant car seat. The car ride was an easy 20min, and they provided cold towels, ice water & coconut water, and even wifi & chargers.

When we checked in they greeted us with welcome drinks and the cutest truck packed with local teddy bears (Sofia chose the seal) it was adorable, and when we got to the room, I was surprised how detail oriented they were: they not only provided a crib (upon my request) but also baby blankets, a personalized pillow with "Sofia" embodied which we got to take home, and most surprisingly, a diaper pile! It was the first hotel I have seen provide it, so smart and convenient. The rooms are incredible, spacious and the best part is the bathroom, with double showers (indoors and outdoors) the biggest bath tub (perfect for the WHOLE family).

The hotel is big but easy to get around. Again, we did not bring the stroller (just the carrier) and we did not even use the carrier through the resort, easy to access the restaurants, spa, pool and beach. Plus, if you need to you can call for a golf cart at any time (which we did not use).

The Montage Los Cabos has a coffee shop and two restaurants. Marea was by far our favorite because of it's location, ocean front. The view is just spectacular and we could not get over it. For breakfast, I opted for their buffet (only available on weekend mornings) which is not too big but absolutely has everything you want (tons of fresh fruit, a juice bar, pastries, breads, yogurt, granola...). There's also an a-la-cart breakfast menu option and a kid menu option. The other restaurant, Mezcal, offers a more extended a-la-cart breakfast menu, but no buffet option, and it has pool & courtyard views. We love the water, so we went to Marea every day :)

For lunch, we opted for poolside food. We loved what we ordered the 1st day, so we ordered the same every single day (creatures of habit, I know). So here's exactly what we got: grilled shrimp tacos on a lettuce wrap, the lobster sandwich and their incredible guacamole. You can't go wrong with this order, I promise.

For dinner, we ordered room service every night except one night where we went out to Marea again for pre-sunset dinner (at around 6pm). It was perfect because they had a live band and the sun was starting to set, breathtaking. We ordered the ceviche and the lobster & sea bass as mains. Perfection. We did not try Mezcal at night but it looked wonderful too.

This resort also is ideal because it's layout, it has so many different pool areas you can always find a perfectly calm spot. The first day, we decided to get a Cabana which comes with a private pool area and of course, a big shaded area and bigger day beds. It was perfect for Sofia to nap (so quiet) and for us to have more privacy. But the following days the resort was so calm that we pretty much had the same peace and quiet anywhere else! I do recommend the cabana either if you are a couple looking to get some quiet time, a family looking to have all your kids in one place without worries and more comfort, or if it is a busier time and want a bunch of space all to yourselves!

Finally, the hotel counts with the most incredible SPA. I did my mandatory mommy self-care appointment, the Mezcal Renewal Massage. Loved it and completely recommend going to the SPA. TIP: Even if you don't have an appointment you can use the common areas which are insane, and are open from 8a to 8p. They also offer a fitness center which is open 24h and is soooo complete! But since this trip was just 4 days long, we did not workout at the gym and instead we opted to do the wellness program activities that the resort offers: sunrise kayak, sunrise paddle boarding and pre-breakfast yoga.

How do we workout and do activities like the wellness + SPA with Sofia? Personally, we take turns. We don't mind doing these alone since they are so self-focused (I don't know if my husband is next to me during a massage or yoga class, you get the point). So we take turns. But, if you want to do something together the Montage Los Cabos offers an on-call nanny service + a kids club called Paintbox which has an incredible schedule that you can check out here (for kids 5 to 12).

Is the beach there swimmable in Cabo? Was one of the top questions that I got. Well, Cabo is known for its hard waves and fierce undertow, which typically makes this area of Mexico hard to swim. But the Montage hotel is located beachfront on the edge of the Santa Maria Bay, with direct access to the beach, which is protected and makes it swimmable & is great for snorkeling too! Literally one of the most perfect and stunning locations with azure waters.

This Mexican location also has the perfect weather to travel with the little ones, usually always in the mid 80s (not too hot) and the humidity levels never climb to uncomfortable since it's dry desert! I loved the warm weather & cool breeze mix (Cabo is known for its wind & surf too) because it made Sofia be cool outside, and able to nap outdoors in the shade without being hot!

Obviously, there are ton of areas and hotels in Cabo that are party-focused so above all, make sure you book a kid friendly hotel like the Montage, as baby friendly as it gets!

Finally, Cabo is also a great destination year round because it does not have a rainy season, it’s dry and warm. April and May are the driest months with zero rain, and it just rains shortly in late summer/early fall. But I would recommend skipping the winter season (the highest tourist season) and booking for the spring/summer months.

As for the flight back, since it was a short trip, I wanted to enjoy the full last day versus coming back in the morning. So I booked it right after Sofia's bed time. With 7pm departure. I knew this would mean having Sofia sleep through the flight but wake when we landed going through customs, getting in the car etc and break her "night sleep". But that actually worked in our favor since Cabo is an hour ahead, that way she was not going to bed so early, LA time. I made sure she was super active all day enjoying her last day in paradise, taht she got tired at the airport (running around) and20min after taking off she fell asleep. She slept through the flight (easy 2h) and woke up as soon as we got to customs with the noises, so she slept from 6:20pm to 8pm LA time. As soon as we got home we washed her hands super well, changed her diaper and put her to bed at 10pm. She slept till 8am this morning. Perfect and back on track!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Cabo trip!


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