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Mom Care Through Postpartum

As your doula, it is my passion to help you PREPARE for postpartum, to feel at your best, mood and energy, while recovering your body smoothly. Learning how to put your oxygen mask first, while still prioritizing your babies. I make it EASY on you: My on-demand Mom Care course gives you step-by-step guidance along ALL the resources and education in a simplified (but complete) way, so you don't feel overwhelmed. Goals: ✔️Learning how to take care of you through the end of pregnancy for a smoother postpartum recovery experience ✔️ Educating yourself on how to take care of you through the 4th trimester, ahead of time ✔️ Learning how to fuel your body right to boost your mood and energy and take care of you emotionally too ✔️ Setting realistic expectations on ALL body changes, along solutions for each to feel prepared ✔️Preventing, minimizing & being aware of red flags for postpartum mood disorders by knowing what we can do ahead of time, and through it, as well as when & how to seek help, before it develops into a more severe case ✔️Getting educated on what to discuss with your provider for proper body healing And so much more! 🤰🏼So if you are looking for easy guidance on how to feel your best during the 4th trimester. 🤰🏼If you had a bad experience through the postpartum stage last time and want to make sure you prepare right and take care of yourself properly this time. 🤰🏼If you are a first time mom who needs all the learning tools on how to prioritize your recovery. 🤰🏼Or if you are a second time mom who has no time to prepare and needs a simple summed-up guide to learn realistic ways to recharge and recover through the newborn stage Then this course is for you 👇🏼 You’ll get: 👩🏼‍💻Video lessons you can watch & re watch 📝Downloadable cheat-sheets ✅Printable lists 🔗All resources & products linked too! ENROLL NOW HERE


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