My Affirmations For Labor & Life Challenges

While facing fearful moments we should look into motivational quotes & affirmations more than ever! Here are a few of my favorites:

FOR BUSINESS / NEW LIFE CHALLENGES 👊🏼 I will accept failure, but I will not accept not trying. 👊🏼 Be patient. Growth takes time. 👊🏼 Achievement is connected to action. Don’t wait for opportunities, create them. 👊🏼 Failure isn’t failure unless you don’t learn from it. 👊🏼 You set your own value. Communicate that to the world and don’t accept anything less. 👊🏼 Don’t dream. Do. 👊🏼 We are tested not to discover our weaknesses but to discover our strengths.

FOR PREGNANCY / LABOR ✨ My body knew how to grow this baby and it knows how to birth it.

✨ I am patient with myself and my body. ✨ Woman are born to do this. ✨ It’s not pain, it’s power. ✨ I trust my body. I trust my baby. I trust my birth.

✨ It’s up to me to set the tone for this labor and birth. ✨ The stronger the contractions the sooner I get to hold my baby. ✨ Breath slow and easy to help my body let go.

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