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My Jet Lag Tips For A Big Time Zone Change (9h)

Jet lag with or without a baby sucks. Especially w such a drastic shift like the 9h difference from the US West Coast to Europe.

This year, coming twice with Sofia, I’ve actually done better than ever, here’s why:

- I’ve taken a direct flight from LA to Barcelona for the first time, which has definitely helped reduce jet lag, since its less travel time. There wasn’t a direct flight available before.

- Instead of forcing myself to go to dinners with friends & staying up late, having Sofia has made me go to bed with her at 7pm the first few nights. When my body actually asked for it instead of pushing it.

- Yes, we were all going to bed early the first nights but that means Sofia adjusted her bed time the same as in LA since day 1 (which is amazing because it gives her a good 12h of night sleep like at home - with the regular wakes).

- However since our bodies are sinked to the home time, we automatically woke around 1am the first few nights. This time, instead of forcing ourselves (including Sofia) back to sleep, we took a break: we parents worked and Sofia played. After a couple hours we went back to bed and slept from 3/4am ish to 8am. Which made us start the day super rested and energized! Versus forcing ourselves back to sleep and starting the day at 4am like I also used to before.

- Enjoying the daylight fully 8am to 7pm since day 1 helped our body sink to the new zone too. Yes, we still went to bed early but every night slightly later. By the fifth night we parents went to bed at 10p and finally slept through w no break.

- Sofia kept going to bed at 7p every night because after waking at 8a I made her take her regular naps, more flexible, but around 12pm and around 3pm.

- And we take advantage of being home at 7p and work, since the day is beginning in LA.

- Keeping the room pitch black.

After day 7 and we are completely shifted to Europe time. Again, it always takes a week to FULLY adjust. But at least we’ve been enjoying the daylight every single day. Personally, there is absolutely no point being out with a baby at night! Especially in the winter.


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