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My New Routine With A Two Year Old

For the first time in two years I regularly have a few hours three days a week alone, with Sofia out of the house.

I take advantage and am super productive, so I can be back to fully focusing on Sofia the rest of the day during those 3 days + the next 4 when we are full time alone.

This new routine has simply re-validated the thoughts I always had: that time goes by quick and that everything is a phase, so we have to enjoy it all.

Despite how hard it was sometimes to be with a newborn/baby/toddler, giving her my full attention and to keep up with my business around her schedule & needs, it’s also been so worth it because now, slowly, she’s getting wings and getting ready to fly ✨ and just like that, regular me-time comes back.

I am getting ready to do it all over with my boy, so I am definitely soaking in these few months of a few hours 3 days a week alone, as well as my time full-time alone with Sofia before she officially becomes a big sister.

Soak in whatever phase you are going through right now, these years won’t come back!


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