My Pregnancy To-Do List Calendar

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

As a business owner that works 24/7, having to include pregnancy symptoms and duties into my life, has been CRAZY, but I have made it work. So I put some time aside just for you, I wrote my pregnancy to-do calendar.


- I confirmed the pregnancy with a doctor

- I focused on taking extra amazing care of myself (nutrients, eat less fish - because of mercury, careful with raw food - because of harmful bacteria that can attack the little cells...)

- Also time to stop drinking alcohol if you do, or cut down on caffeine

- I found good prenatal vitamins to take daily

- I found great Midwifes/Birthing Center to start the journey with (obviously you can find a great OB instead too, if you dont have one yet: it's such an important decision, you better LOVE him/her)

- I told my closest friends (so I had people to vent about symptoms and worries)

- I stopped doing ALL core exercises at the gym

- I downloaded some pregnancy apps 

- I started taking about baby names and making a list - I focused on trying not to vomit every second lol


- I told everyone, including clients (some people choose to do this later on and that is OK, but personally, it helped me believe it, because it's such as surreal feeling)

- I made sure I had a good health plan for the prenatal, delivery & postnatal care, and since I didn't like the one I had... I investigated new ones that would kick in before labor!

- I went to my first prenatal appointment (bring a list of questions)

- I started taking belly photos (even if you fee gross, trust me, its worth it!)

- I started buying looser clothes (not maternity quite yet, but I did start to research cute maternity brands)

- I found out the sex (this made my pregnancy feel more real when I could finally call her by her name!)

- I started putting aside a baby budget

- I started applying stretch mark prevention cream on the belly daily (morning and night)

- Started drinking CALM every night before bed


- I started planning our baby moon (that I personally wanted to take by the end of the 2nd Trimester)

- I started creating a baby registry list using Baby List (loved it): searching for top necessary products and exactly which brand/model

- I started sleeping on my side


- Started purchasing maternity clothes, I have liked those that are tight & loose and grow with you, so I could wear from the 5th month and until the end!

- I started planning my baby shower (that I wanted to throw during my 7th month, see below why)

- I started looking into birthing class options, I ended up choosing an intensive weekend one with Two Doulas at my Month 8, so I would have all info given to me 1-2 months before labor. Still fresh! - I started doing Kegel exercises

MONTH 6:  - I got my teeth cleaned  - I finalized my baby registry  - I finished all baby shower planning details - I sent out the official Baby Shower Invite with the Registry link - I tarted putting the nursery together, slowly, very slowly starting now through the next months. I wanted to start setting up things (main furniture: shelf & dresser) so I could place the Baby Shower items where they belonged once I got them the following month


- I threw my Baby Shower: I cant stress how much I LOVED doing it at 28 weeks, I had energy, wasn't too big, fit in a cute dress, & still was showing a good sized bump. AND I had enough time post-shower to buy the remaining products that were not gifted to me with no rush!

- After the shower, I put all the Baby Shower Gifts in their place

- I got the TDap Vaccine 

- I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea to strengthen my uterus and get it ready for labor, every day from now until the end of pregnancy

MONTH 8: - Took my Baby Moon trip to Maui at 30 weeks. Also amazing timing: I had energy, was able to fly nationally & perfect to relax in the final stretch of pregnancy, without having to worry about many "to-dos" left!

- Finished setting up the nursery - Bought the remaining products needed

- Started packing the hospital bag

- Installed the car seat/s

- Took the birthing classes

- Researched, interviewed & selected a pediatrician

- Finish assembling baby gear 

- Started to train my MIND for birth

- Created a birth plan

- Started lining up help (assistants, maids, food meal plan service... anything you may need)


- Washed all baby clothes

- Finished packing the hospital bag

- Searched for a lactation consultant to call if needed postpartum

- Started to slow down & relax

Overall, I tried to leave as little left as possible for this last month, as babies can come at 37 weeks perfectly and, you never know how that last month may be like, you may want to do nothing but rest and relax without stressing!

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