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My Teething Tips

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Teething isn’t easy for us parents, but imagine everything our littles go through. Ouch.

These remedies aren’t magical, but they are natural ways of just making teething easier for everyone.

And remember, you may see nothing at first: teething usually starts with lots of fussiness, mood changes, night wakes, gum inflammation... and weeks later boom, you see a little tooth peak through, and aha, it all makes sense then. So let’s be patient and remember there’s always a reason for their fussiness, let’s try to help them through!

1. Popsicles. They are cold and definitely help with gum inflammation. Plus, their appetite may be less while teething, sometimes rejecting solids even and focusing on milk, so making popsicles out of veggies, fats, carbs and protein purées is smart and helpful for them too. If your baby is still not eating solids, no problem try milk popsicles instead! Click here for my popsicle trays.

2. Refrigerator friendly toys & teething toys. i make sure I have a toy everywhere (car seat, stroller, play pen...). Here are Sofia's fav teething toys:

A cold metal spoon also works wonders if you don't have any of the above and need something asap.

3. Massage the gums with teething oil. Especially when the teeth is about to come through. Just make sure fingers are clean and make sure the teething oil is non gmo, organic, bottled in glass, like this one, use code LauraG for a discount (applies on any other product).

4. Boob & cuddles. On bad teething days, this is the number 1 remedy.

5. A calm environment. Peace and calmness makes them feel at peace and calm. Remember. Your own energy translates to them too. Keep calm!

6. A distraction & activities. When we are home, teething is been WAY more noticeable. So keeping busy and doing activities outdoors also helps them.

7. These drops, homeopathic remedy. Helps with minor digestive upsets sometimes associated with teething. Free of Benzocaine, preservatives, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

8. No, I don't give them Tylenol or Motrin because of teething. It's just my personal choice based on research.

And remember teething happens pretty frequently, back to back, from 6 months to 2 years old. We definitely learn what works best for our own babies (and every baby differently) but mainly: patience on us mamas, we got it!


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