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Navigating Through Postpartum

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Each day looks the same.

No newborn schedules.

No rush.

“Just” making sure he is fed, loved, changed & cuddled. And that my toddler is happy, busy and equally loved.

I live in robes, fresh skin, and messy hair. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Because these days are precious, and they arnt coming back.

I’m soaking in the newborn scent.

I’m enjoying every trapped snuggle.

And I am appreciating the fact that he needs me 24/7.

Because one day, it’ll all be over. And I’ll miss the slow life, blurred days, and mini B.

I’ll miss having both babies at home, and living in our own bubble.

I am also appreciating my body even more than ever before. It’s created another miracle; grown, birthed and is nourishing life, twice now. I am forever grateful and treating it like it deserves through the postpartum weeks.

With tons of healthy fulfilling nourishing food, mini naps when needed, pampering sessions, and allowing it to slowly transition to not being pregnant, with zero pressure to “bounce back”. Because motherhood is a journey and what our bodies have done can’t be taken away. So there’s no “back” to do. We move forward. We evolve.

Thanks to these slow weeks, my body will completely heal, fully recover, and I will then be able to gain the strength and power that my daily workouts and weight training will bring it. But everything has its own time, and right now, it’s not what I focus on.

While yes, I still do a LOT keeping up with work, my two babies, self care & the home, alone with my husband, my main priority now is to HONOR my postpartum journey.

Relaxing with my newborn

Pampering myself

Connecting with both my babies

Not feeling guilty for a messier house

Working more from my phone

And allowing myself to soak in this time without rushing it or thinking about the next stage. Living in the present, acknowledging how lucky I am to have brought another healthy baby into the world, and being okay with the slow days that will soon be over.

Please remember to honor your postpartum journey too, don’t rush it, soak it in. Your body has done a lot, you deserve it. And one day you’ll look back at how precious & unique these days are

For more you can enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!


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