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Our DNA Test Results: Finding Out Our Ethnicities

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We got our DNA results back! Now we know all about our ethnicity!


67% Iberian (100% of that: Catalan)

18% Italian

10% Greek / South-Italian

5% English


33% Greek / South-Italian

33% Scandinavian

13% Finnish

10% Irish / Scottish / Welsh

5% Iberian

5% Italian

I definitely knew I would be mainly Catalan because all of my relatives for many many generations are from Barcelona, where I was born and raised! But I was curious to see what other ethnic groups were in my DNA.

Well, now I know why I only want to visit the Mediterranean areas of Europe when I go back home. 95% of me my genes are pure Mediterranean lol. Catalan-Italian-Greek... ahhh what a good mix, my favorite Euro countries 🙌🏼

I also knew Nathan would be strongly Northern European because he has that look. Sure enough, one of his dominant groups is Scandinavian (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) however, what surprised me was that one of his other equally major groups is Greek-South Italian, which honestly totally makes sense because he has such olive skin that tans so well, and he talks to everyone like a good Italian, ha!

I guess our kids mix is truly strong Mediterranean with a splash of Northern European. How cool is that?

Love finding out more of our ethnic dna & background.

Have you done it?

What did you find out?

Did it surprise you?

I used this kit, it’s a saliva swab, so easy, and code LAURA gives you a discount!


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