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Partners At Birth

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Before my first, I simply knew that I was the type of person who wouldn’t want to even see my partner during labor. And guess what? I was right. I wanted to be left completely alone, dealing with all the unmedicated contractions.

I was in the beautiful bathtub the WHOLE time, with color therapy, with my scents, in my own world, dealing with the back to back waves.

Truth is, to ME, there wasn’t anything he could say or do to make it better, in fact, if he said or did anything, it would just make me feel annoyed.... He knew to stay away, and just be present, from a distance, without interference.

Pushing was different, he as able to come close to me (😬), hold my hand and catch Sofia.

I am 99% convinced I will feel the same way this second time around. And he is ready for his 6ft distance role! Ha.

Is anyone else like me? Or am I the only odd one that doesn’t even want to see them during active labor, especially after transition and unmedicated?

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