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Postpartum Visitor Plan

One of the most common reasons I've seen why moms stress about (before or during) the postpartum stage is: visitors!

Sadly, a lot of moms end up doing things they don't want to do, just to please others through their postpartum stage, and that disturbs their bubble, personal space, privacy, recovery, and bonding time.

It's important to remember that the newborn/postpartum stage is a very fragile, vulnerable, and special time that is meant to be for bonding, healing and recovery, and whether you'd like visitors or not, they should not add stress, they should ease your days helping and respecting your boundaries.

This is YOUR time! Not theirs.

But a lot of moms simply don't know how to communicate their needs, and that's where I step in, to help you be your best advocate, no matter what you need.

In my Postpartum Plan On-Demand Course I walk you through everything you should consider when it comes to making a visitor plan, no matter what you may want or need from others (because not everyone needs or wants the same!). I guide you through all of the options, ways of communicating those wishes, empowering you to feel confident, and allowing you to modify your needs and wants along the way, giving you ideas on how to do that too.

This course also walks you through every other thing you should consider when planning for postpartum along an open and flexible mindset to go with the flow through all of the postpartum unexpected, for a smooth transition, so you can prepare for the new arrival with guidance and stress-free.

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