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Potty “Training”: How To Know If Your Toddler Is Ready

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Let’s talk potty “training”. As toddler moms, we get a lot of social pressure on “when the right time to potty train is”, especially when our babies turn two.

Here’s my PERSONAL opinion: I see a child learning how to use a toilet through a process natural acquisition, like walking or crawling; which don't require “training”. You can definitely help them through the process, but they need to be ready. And each is ready at a different time. Thats why i havnt wanted to force / rush it, because it may take longer then if they get stressed.

So instead of starting to read about “potty training methods” I started to read and talk to experts about how to know when our toddlers are ready to leave the daytime diaper, to be able to assist them through the process.

Here’s what I found out.

1. Hiding to pee or poop

2. Interest in the potty & when others use the potty and how to use it

3. Having a dry diaper for a long period, 3h aprox

4. Telling you when they will or have gone potty in their diaper

5. Pulling at a wet or dirty diaper

6. Running & perfect physical coordination

7. proud of their accomplishments

8. They like being Independent and doing things on their own

Neurologically, toddlers are usually ready to leave the diaper behind (daytime) sometime between 2 and 3 years old. Some earlier, others later.

I think Sofia is ready. She does all of the above and has actually gone to the potty on her OWN a few times. She’s literally said she had to pee, taken her diaper off herself and went to pee in the toilet by herself, and even wiped (coping us). I was shocked. But she’s done it. I havnt forced it, but she’s done it a few times.

I didn’t want to start the process with all our travels and thought I would see how she was and start sometime in the spring. But the more she does this on her own, the more I think it’s time.

I just honestly think the one who isn’t ready is ME lol. I’m truly NOT looking forward to it, although I think she’s telling me let’s do this mama!

Ps: Here are 5 things I did to organically get her interested to begin on her own.

1. Let her come into the bathroom

2. Explain what goes on

3. Buy a little potty to get used to it before she was ready/showing interest at around 18m

4. Don’t get frustrated, blame or pressure for not wanting to use it at first 5. Read some potty book stories


This is the potty I bought.

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