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Potty Training Part 1. How I Got Sofia To Tell Me When She Poops

I was nowhere near thinking about potty training my one year old baby, but it all started then, organically, wo months ago, when Sofia was 12 months.

It all started with a doll. She got her first doll for her 12 month birthday, and we started role playing with it together. We fed her with a spoon, we changed her clothes, we put her to sleep, and we smelled her bum saying "caca" and proceeded to change her diaper.

Sofia caught on super quickly on all the things. She started to do them all on her own. She grabbed the doll and fed her with a spoon saying yum yum. She smelled her bootie and said caca and brought her to me for a diaper change. She got a clean diaper from the clean pile in the living room and sat to change her repeating "caca" to herself and sniffing her here and there.

It was the cutest thing ever and I thought it was adorable that she took such good care of the doll. I knew it was teaching her to be caring among other developmental skills.

Little did I know that it was actually the beghining of her potty training.

Since she now knew the word "caca" (poop in Spanish) and the actual meaning of it (stinky = diaper change with the doll), every time I changed her poopy diaper or every time I sniffed her, I said "caca" myself. After another month of that, by 14 months, she started coming to me to say "caca" and point to her diaper, every time she had pooped.

Of course at the beginning I thought it was a coincidence because "caca" is actually a word she loves, lol. But after I saw during two whole consecutive weeks, that she came to me saying "caca" pointing at her diaper, and there was in fact poop. I realized she completely understood to tell me to change her.

And currently, she is telling me when she is actually starting to poop.

I also started saying caca when we go to the toilet because let's face it, they copy and want to do everything we do! And she now says "caca" every time we sit down! She 100% associates the toilet to it too. Which is amazing. I mean at least it amazes me.

I have a LOT of way to go but this is definitely the beginning. Mind you: I have not read ANY book or blog post or article on potty training yet. This is 100% my intuition and organic growth with Sofia. I am sharing because I found it fascinating and yes, role playing teaches them a lot :)

Since I am in no rush, I honestly will keep following my intuitions and doing things my way. I don't want to stress over this or put any pressure on Sofia. Because I think that will def not help. My plan was o start to think about potty training at age 18months or so... not at 12 months. So zero stress. But definitely taking on this opportunity to start this wild ride!

Will keep you posted on any progress.