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Pregnancy weight gain

We all know that pregnancy weight gain is inevitable and normal, but it's an uncontrollable feeling that can stress lots of expecting mamas.

If this is you, here are some things I want you to remember:

  • All weight gain isn't fat gain. There's the growing placenta, breasts, amniotic fluid, baby, blood, fluid, uterus and yes, fat and nutrient stores. You most likely lose about 13lbs immediately at child birth. During the immediate weeks after delivery, you'll lose some additional weight as you shed retained fluids. And yes, fat stored won't disappear as quick, or maybe won't at all on its own without work behind, but it's just a percentage of your weight gain.

  • Fat and nutrient storage is NEEDED. Through pregnancy & postpartum too.

  • Genetics, pre pregnancy weight, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition & Medical and Obstetric conditions play a huge role on how much weight you gain, and how fast you lose it too. What’s normal for you isn’t normal for someone else. And even those with a perfect lifestyle may gain more than the estimated range of 25-30lbs.

  • Your circulating volume of fluid and blood increases by 50% which also contributes to weight gain.

  • Every damn body is different, even your own pregnancies may be different.

  • Stress hormones release cortisol. And too much of this causes your metabolism to slow down, causing weight gain through pregnancy and postpartum too.

Bottom line: I get it, I have been there, its stressful, it feels uncontrollable, you may have stress over it.

So, save this post and remember:

Our bodies are AMAZING, they grow our babies from cells, they can exclusively nourish babies after birth too.

Focus on providing your body with nourishing foods, not just calories, keeping active if you can, and work on your mindset. This is a stage of life. You got this!

Please note: Excessive weight loss or gain through pregnancy may cause complications, always consult with your team.

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