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Preparing Sofia To Be At Her Brothers Birth

Ever since I started wanting to take Sofia to her brothers birth, Ive been talking to her about it and showing her birth videos to see how she responded and if she was ready. She’s left me amazed.

I guess society makes birth (the most natural process) odd and scary. I personally never even watched a birth video until I was in my third trimester with Sofia, because all my life, I wanted to avoid watching it for what they had told me.

I guess that all the movies we grow up watching, create a very traumatic scene of a woman yelling with her legs wide open laying on a bed, a very un-natural birth position, in a hospital room full of random people and scary equipment.

And I guess that we tend to hear stories about the pains and traumas, and not the magic & empowerment.

So I was very hesitant on showing her birth videos, scared on how she would react (let’s face it, not even all adults can handle them), but I’m so glad I did.

I eased her into it, and have only shown her out of hospital births like mine. She watches with no filter. She now asks for “baby born” videos every single day.

She’s amazed. She’s fascinated. She now completely understands the process: yes moms are in pain to get babies out. But mommy can breath through the pain in a calm stress free way, in a peaceful quiet environment too.

She watches everything with her eyes wide open. She gets SO happy when the baby comes.

She always knew there was a baby in my belly. But now she KNOWS.

Now hey, I understand every kid has a different gift. And not every 28 month old would be ready NOR interested in being a part. But Sofia was simply made for this. She’s ready. She’s excited. I have no doubt this is going to be something she’ll always feel special about. And it’ll be extra special for us to have her too.

Of course, daddy will be there to walk in & out and she won’t need to be bored waiting. I am very independent as well, so I don’t mind (actually like) being alone during labor. So it works for us.

But bottom line; don’t ever doubt the understanding capacity of our minis. Don’t ever hide things just because society makes us feel like we should. You know your kids. Follow your gut!


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