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Second Time Mom Registry List Fully Linked

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

As a second time mom (especially if you had kids relatively close together) you pretty much have it all!

So in this post, I am only mentioning the items that, as a second-time mom I am purchasing before the baby's arrival.

Things like the crib, bassinet, infant car seat, high chair, lounger... Are easily reused. So if you want to check the FULL list of items, check this post for new moms instead!


1. Laundry Detergent Fragance Free Nonallergenic Nontoxic shop

2. Dryer Balls 100% natural softener, biodegradable, free of dyes and chemicals shop

3. Multi Surface Fragance Free Wipes shop

Formulated without: ammonia, bleach, phthalates, sulfates. Plant derived cleaning power

4. Non toxic hand soap for mom & family members shop


1. Nursing bra shop

2. Organic nipple balm shop

3. Nursing bra pads shop

4. Burp cloths shop

If you plan to formula feed/pump

1. Bottles (my fav) shop

2. Pump:

a) Regular double shop

b) Manual single shop


1. All purpose Organic balm shop

2. Ultra Calming Shampoo & Body Soap without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances shop

3. Premium Organic Washcloths shop gray, shop white


I personally asked all my friends that if they want to gift us anything (we are not having a shower or sprinkle this second time) that this is the only category allowed!

1. Diapers: Eco-Friendly | Plant-Derived Materials | Hypoallergenic

Size newborn

Size 1 shop

Size 2 shop

Size 3 shop

Size 4 shop

2. Baby wipes: Hypoallergenic & Plant Based shop

3. Diaper Pail Bags shop

4. Fresheners for diaper pail shop


1. 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Cover shop

2. Blankets:

a) Organic Cable Knit Blanket shop

b) Organic Swaddle, receiving, stroller blanket shop

c) Organic Quilt blanket shop


New Developmental BABY Toys

a) Wooden percussion eggs shop

b) Rattle & Teether bigger & wood shop

c) Rattle & teether wood shop

d) Rattle & teether silicone shop

e) Teddy shop


1. Pacifiers

a) Traditional shop

b) Toy duck shop

c) Toy bunny shop

2. Nails

a) traditional clipper shop

b) automatic filer shop

3. Organic Vitamin D drops shop

4. Nasal Aspirator shop

5. Package from Wellements (non-gmo, no preservatives, certified organic)

Use code laura15 for up to 35% off the whole purchase*

- Vitamin D drops (since day 1)

- Probiotic drops (since day 1)

- Gripe Water for Day & Night (both to have handy for when they have gas the first weeks!)

- Tooth oil (when the gums start to hurt)

- The baby feel better package to have handy if they ever get under the weather/cough

*If you buy 3 you get 25% off; if you buy 4 you get 30% off; and with 5 you get 35% off


1. Extra car mirror shop

2. Double Stroller shop

3. Additional Rumble Seat if you already have the UPPAbaby Vista shop

4. Travel double stroller shop


1. Long sleeve 100% organic overall Jumpsuit shop

2. One-Piece short sleeve organic bodysuits shop

One-piece Long sleeve organic bodysuits shop

3. Organic Gloves shop

4. Organic Socks shop

5. Organic Jackets shop

6. Organic Hats shop

7. Organic Wearable blanket shop


1. Postpatum Snacks + Meals

2. At home massages or SPA treatments

3. Cleaning crew sessions


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