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Self-Care Daily Action List

Aside from your skincare daily routine, eating healthy and working out (self-care habits & lifestyle) you must add one self-care action every single day. No excuses. You don’t need to be alone, you don’t need to spend money every time, just pull up this easy self-care list and pick one! 

✨ Take a bubble bath 

✨ read a book with a blanket and warm tea

✨ Write a list of your months goals

✨ Write a list of your next adventures

✨ Write a list of things you are greatful for

✨ Lay under the stars

✨ Go for a swim 

✨ Do a mini meditation

✨ Order food

✨ Enroll to a self-growth class or workshop

✨ Delete negative people off social media

✨ Go for a run

✨ Do a detoxifying skin mask

✨ Get a professional Massage or facial 

✨ Buy some healthy treats

✨ Buy an outfit you feel good in

✨ Lay our in the sun

✨ Make a detox juice 

✨ Get a new fragrance 

✨ Take a nap

✨ Search/Read a new positive book/blog

✨ Play with a pet

✨ Take a walk by the beach

✨ Sit and watch the waves roll in

✨ Visit a museum

✨ Read a magazine in a robe 

✨ Get a mani pedi 

✨ Plan a getaway 

✨ Get a blowout or haircut 

✨ Stretch 

✨ Have a long positive / catch up phone call 

✨ Sit at a coffee shop and just people watch

✨ Go for a hike 

✨ Go to bed early

✨ Get flowers for the house 

✨ Watch a movie 

✨ Volunteer 

✨ Organize a closet 

✨ Visit a museum or gallery 

✨ Try acupuncture

✨ Learn how to budget 

✨ Go for a walk with music you love

✨ Light candles and diffuse oils at the house

✨ Give yourself a Massage w a foam roller 

✨ Put your phone away for a bit


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