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Siblings: Fighting, Rivalry & Jealousy

Do they fight? Sure they do! They fight over stuff mainly. Now that Beckham is older and stands up for what he wants, it’s not as easy for Sofía to fool him and get her way. And when B takes something from her, she also fights back.

But overall, they get along GREAT. They can truly play well together, chase each other, do activities together... and it’s the cutest thing ever. I love their age gap, and their relationship!

Now, when it comes to sibling rivalry & jealousy I feel like so far, we still haven’t experienced it at all. But I’ve been super proactive about it from the start.

Here are some ways:

1. They are at different developmental stages, so I make sure I address each one of them taking care of their needs.

2. I prioritize alone time with each one. I have to plan individual activities specifically.

3. I keep calm and observant when they fight, I try to let them figure it out on their own, I listen, and I am neutral and fair. I don’t always prioritize the baby just because he is younger. I respect both of their feelings: whoever is right is right, and whoever is wrong gets support of their feelings but knowing they can’t always get their way.

4. I help them solve the problems with tools so they can use in future.

5. I avoid comparing them to minimize the competitive feeling.

6. I create moments & activities for sibling bonding.

7. I prep for peaceful scenarios in advanced like giving them different toys/activities, helping them take turns...

8. Since B can’t talk yet. I make sure Sofia knows he is having a blast with her and that he appreciates her playing by telling her on his behalf. She is always telling B “I love playing with you”. So this way, he knows he feels the same way too.

I’m sure that as they grow they will keep fighting and some jealousy or rivalry can arise. But, I will always be proactive at helping them navigate & manage these HEALTHY emotions 🤍

If you have a new sibling, I shared what I told Sofia when Beckham arrived to avoid jealousy in that stage too. You can head here to read it.


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