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Sofia's 13 Month Schedule (1 nap schedule)

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Okay fiiiiiinally, after a month and a half of an all-over-the-place nap schedule (see why & how here) Sofia transitioned from 2 naps to 1 nap and she has been doing it consistently for over a month now, so she is all set with the new schedule and I can share it with you!

Again, not all babies transition at 13 months (experts say it can happen anytime from 13 to 18 months, see nap chart here). But Sofia did, and not because I made her, but because she started shifting patterns on her own and I could see her transitioning this early, so I let her do her thing, as always.

The below is our current schedule with all details. Remember:

a) routine helps all of us, especially babies

b) it helps me break up the day with activities so it makes things easier

c) I can plan things around - know when to schedule meetings, appointments, playdates etc

However, ALWAYS keep in mind that although I have a set schedule, I also have 100% flexibility knowing that not always things turn out the way I plan, especially now with Sofia. And that these time brackets are very flexible too, shifting constantly, and that's OK!

The thing I keep in mind: be organized, have a plan, but also go with the flow and adapt to the constant changes!

With this said, here it is :)


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