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Sofia's Sleep Update at 28months

Her sleep schedule which now is

630a wake

1-3p nap

9/930 sleep

She has been doing this schedule for a LONG time. The only difference is that, since she turned 2 she’s finally sleeping through the night. Yup, four months ago it finally “clicked” and she started sleeping through the whole night after NEVER doing so!

And ever since she sleeps through the night, she wakes at 630 instead of 7a. I’ll take it!

Sure, there are few nights she still wakes to ask for water or crying with a nightmare. But those are maybe 1 every 10 days. And she goes back to sleep quick. Or the very random day where “I think it’s time to start the day” at 5am, once a month or month and a half, those are not fun.

Her naps are pretty much 2h long, except a few days when they are slightly shorter 1.5h.

Her natural patterns are on point for her age at 28months old: Toddlers between 2-3 should sleep, on average, 10 to 13 hours per day. She’s doing 11h aprox. So I always let her lead the way when establishing these patterns and shifts. My role is to focus on making sure the routine is set so she can keep them, for the sake of us all.

Since January daddy has consistently been doing the nighttime routine + waking to assist her if she needs anything (although I’m such a light sleeper I wake & hear everything from the other room) so that she’s used to him 6 months before the baby comes, since I’ll have to be up with him all night. It’s worked out, and has given me a 6 month break after 2 years of Sofias terrible night wakes and a newborn aka back to the start!

Finally for those who don’t know: yes she’s now sleeping in a toddler bed (no crib) in her own room. You can read about her big girl bed transition here.


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